Welcome to the #30DayStartup

Last updated 6 months ago

We've rolled out tools to help validate: https://www.newco.app/validate & grow: https://www.newco.app/growth

Hey there 👋, welcome to the start of your #30DayStartup!



✅Access to content

✅Access to content

✅Use Twitter hashtag to stay accountable

✅Official registration

✅Progress tracker available

✅Access to submissions

✅Dedicated Instructor

✅Access to Slack Group

✅Premium content/tutorials

✅Access to Validate & Growth tools

✅Exclusive deals on tools

💥Sign up to newCo PRO here

PRO members will get their registration and Slack invites via email

The content will be updated frequently throughout the challenge. It follows a regular format of: 'What you need to do, How you can do it, Recommendations, and Submissions'.

Now let's get launching🚀

I'll see you in the chat - @bentossell ✌️

Why am I doing this?

These tweets sum it up.

Trello, Facebook, Product Hunt, Craigslist, Unsplash, Google Analytics, Gmail and many more